Great holiday

History, gastronomy, nature, beautiful sea, excellent touristic infrastructure… you name it! All that you can find in Istria, often called also “The Little Tuscany”


The first traces of prehistoric people date back to Lower Paleolithic. The stone hand axe, which was found in the vicinity of Pula is about 2 million to 800.000 years old. More than 400 top-hill fortifications were found in Istria, dating from Bronze and Iron ages, some of those sites could be visited today. Romans conquered Istria in 2nd century BC. Almost 300 classical Roman sites have been registered in Istria and many of them could be visited today. Pula today offers to its visitors well-preserved Amphitheatre for 20.000 spectators (built by Vespasian in 1st century), The Temple of Augustus to goddess Roma (built by Augustus between 2 BC and AD 14), Hercules Gate (2nd century BC) and many other sites. Besides Pula, well preserved sites and monuments can be found on Brioni islands, Porec and all over Istria. Early Bysantine, the Euphrasian Basilica (built in year 553) is part of the UNESCO heritage.

Through medieval age, Istrian top-of-the-hill cities kept high level of independence until Venice took control over all major points. Visitors today can feel the spirit of those times in towns like Motovun, Groznjan and many others.


Istrian cuisine is well known and recognized all over the Europe. From traditional Istrian ox, called Boskarin through all kind of Mediterranean seafood, up to truffles, full-flavor olive oil and wine. Istria has collected many international awards for its gastronomy offer.   

Motovun is situated in the heart of Istria and many famous restaurants are reachable in a short drive. 

If you prefer more personal approach, you can experience truffle hunting yourself with trained dogs. You can also take part in wine and olive harvest, or go fishing on Adriatic sea 20 minutes from your new home.


Either you ride your bike or drive around on excellent roads, many natural sites will take your breath. Green all-year round, Istrian hills offer unforgettable natural experience. From the top of eastern coast cliffs, visitors can enjoy in beautiful view over Kvarner Bay to islands of Krk, Cres and Losinj. Limski kanal one of the few fiords in the Mediterranean remains untouched in its nature. National park in Brioni islands, with its own safari tour is a perfect destination for one day excursion, as well as many caves (Barendine, Pazin, Mramornica…)


Golf Adriatic, Umag (40km from Motovun): opened in 2009, PAR 72, 6.360 meters. Suitable for all golfers. Situated by the sea, some holes offer magnificiant views.

Golf Trieste, Italy (60km from Motovun): opened in 1955, PAR 70, 5.810 meters. Suitable for all golfers. Golf Trieste is placed at 350 meters above the sea, with high mountains on one side and Trieste Bay on the other.

Golf Brioni (60km from Motovun): opened in 1922, PAR 71, 5.486 meters. Unique experience - forget your handicap, forget about result. You will share your joy with deers, mouflons, rabbits and peacocks by walking with them on the course, you will start your game on three tees by driving over the sea, and finally you will put on sand greens.

Close to the sea

Seaside is just a 20 minute drive away from Motovun. Cities like Pula, Rovinj, Porec and Umag offer beautiful sea and a lively seaside resort atmosphere. Newly built highway and refreshed regional roads enable easy transport throughout the peninsula. Over last decade Istria touristic offer has been increasingly oriented on guests looking for 4 and 5-star accommodation and services. Both refurbishment of existing facilities (Park Plaza in Pula) and new developments (2 luxury, 5-star hotels in Rovinj and Kempinski near Umag) show the trend in Istria tourism.

Two modern aqua-parks are within 30km from Motovun

Modern Motovun

All-round the year, Motovun organizes different touristic fiestas, such as traditional and famous film festival. The Motovun Film Festival is entirely dedicated to films made by independent producers, supported by Sundance Film Festival. It is in fact, a film marathon lasting for a week in late July, with film projections following each other uninterrupted from 10 in the morning until four after midnight. The evening projections are held in the open air and the daily projections in the cinema. It also includes concerts, exhibitions, photo workshops, etc.

Days of Truffles in nearby Livade (1km from Motovun), different wine and olive oil fiestas are also part of Motovun touristic offer.